Obstacle course racing expert and Certified Holistic Nutritionist Melissa Boufounos knows that when you eat right, you compete well. And as the Official Nutritionist for the 2019 North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships Aug. 9-11 in Stratton, Vermont, Melissa Boufounos will share her tried-and-true performance-enhancing strategies with athletes preparing for the event. Through the MB Performance Nutrition content platform, she’ll demonstrate how fueling the body with the perfect proportion of protein, carbs and fat can ensure faster recovery and improve speed and endurance.

“Every athlete is different, and Melissa masterfully teaches them how consuming the right combination of nutrients for their specific body type and racing needs can significantly optimize their performance,” said Sandra Sawyer, Partnership Director for Adventurey, creators of the North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships. “That’s why we were proud to have her as the official nutritionist for the 2018 OCR World Championships and why we’re elated that she is the nutrition guru for this year’s NorAm. Considering her own impressive racing track record, her infectious enthusiasm and her award winning nutrition advice, there’s no one better to motivate our athletes and prepare them for success!”

“I have been involved with the sport of OCR since 2013 and without a doubt I can say that Adventurey puts on the best events I’ve had the opportunity to participate in,” said Melissa Boufounos, Founder of MB Performance Nutrition.“ I am thrilled to continue my support of Adventurey for the second year in a row and take great pride in being the official Nutritionist of the North American OCR Championships.” 

Through MB Performance Nutrition, Melissa Boufounos will also be available to guide and motivate athletes during race weekend. As part of the partnership, Melissa will be doing a live nutrition presentation on the NorAm Facebook page, which will include essential race day tips and advice on ways to fuel the body to maximize performance, as well as, the talk will end with a short question and answer session.

About MB Performance Nutrition: 

MB Performance Nutrition is a Canadian-based company founded by Certified Holistic Nutritionist and competitive OCR athlete, Melissa Boufounos. Through the online OCR Personal Best Performance Program, Melissa helps competitive-minded OCR athletes around the world consistently put their best effort forward so they can prove to themselves they can accomplish their performance goals. Melissa was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Health Influencers by OptiMYz Magazine in 2018 and 2019. 

About the North American OCR Championships:

Created by Adventurey, the North American Obstacle Racing Championships is the first and only independent North American Championship event designed to celebrate athletes of the burgeoning sport of Obstacle Course Racing. Held August 9-11, 2019, in Stratton Mountain, Vermont, the three-day event will be one of the most diverse and challenging competitive events in the sport and will draw athletes from 23 countries in North and Central America.